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Oh the joy that are KAT-TUN solos!

So previews of the solos are slowly being leaked out. And I started slightly impressed by Koki's "Parasite". I admit that I feel all kinds of stupid giddy glee when I hear Junno's solo. I swear I can hear him frolicing in Arashi's "Kitto Daijoubu" Pv when I hear it.

Now I'm currently listening to Jin's "LOVEJUICE"- and it turns out he channelled JT not Nelly for this song. Whatever. I hope he wears a fedora when he performs it because it would just be awesome. *secretly hopes there is a line that goes "I know you wanna put your feet on my rug, dont'cha?" hidden in there somewhere*

Apparently this song is all in English, but I am not even gonna try and decipher a lot of it til I get my hands on clearer recordings- *remembers the interesting disaster that was Linh and I's joint at attempt at deciphering "Pinky" from really bad fancam rips*

But from what I hear, he's a bit of a cocky bastard. "I can tell you want me to." And I am not even gonna get into the "what exactly IS 'lovejuice'" discussion.

that being said I have to admit I sort of love it.

Damn you KAT-TUN, why do you want all my money!?

Yo-ho yo-ho

The lovely chibifuji informed me earlier today that KAT-TUN is dropping a new cd.

It's titled "QUEEN OF PIRATES" *dies laughing*

I have to buy it now. It's almost a shame that my final in "Pirates and Smugglers" (real class!) is this week- I could have had theme music.

Oh lord, think of the album cover! I guess that makes Jin the pirate queen, since he's all pirate-y (kaizokuban was HIS idea). And now I can't help but picture Ueda as grumpy but extremely convincing wench.

I could spazz more about the tracklist (full of jinglish gems like "HELL,NO") but I digress.

And here I thought I was moving slowly away from K-T fandom. But then they start making better music (last three singles were win) and now they're bringing up things I study (which are also things I like cuz I'm a geek).

Damn JE, they know what I like!

correction! Their last FOUR singles have been win- I just listened to "DON'T U EVER STOP" and I like it. A lot.


Yes, you're in the right place...

Things are looking different around here, huh? This is what happens when tragically un-artsy types get the urge to change stuff around.

And just as a random fact- the new journal title is from "Fire, Water, Burn" by The Bloodhound Gang, its a song before they declared that we all "ain't nothing but mammals".

So I've been listening to a rather absurd amount of dance music of late (The Chemical Brothers, Denki Groove, Yelle to name a few)so now I'm actually excited about the fact that KAT-TUN's new single is slated to be a dance song, despite the fact that I have thought that their more rock-inspired songs have been their best.

Speaking of KAT-TUN: why do I have sneaking suspicion that this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JflAfmDQwMM is the inspiration for both Jin's fedora/pimp hat AND for the title of his new solo?

And here I thought the one to worry about was Koki...

Just call me DJ Wannabe

I got two turntables and a microphon- or really just voice recorder and a crappy plug in micCollapse )

I think it would sort of hilarious to become a DJ, and use the name "DJ Wannabe". I wonder if that's already taken- though I would hope not. I mean, its funny for me cuz i can laugh at myself and really am not a DJ, but I would hate for an actual aspiring DJ to a name that just invites public mockery.

I just googled it- and there is! He's a blonde boy from GErmany and he's not bad and according to the newest mix on his myspace he "represents the ghetto around the world"

I guess I'll have to find another name. Or just grossly misspell "wannabe" like "Wan-nuh-B" or something. And add a star.

*suddenly de-friended by whole list*

Jan. 23rd, 2008

Today I was updating my mp3 player and getting it gym ready since I have decided to go to bed early to wake up at the crack of dawn and get my ass back on an ellipitcal machine, so I was perusing my usual places to find new music and lo and behold I found it:


yes, that MATCHY of old school JE back when they used to dance with sexy ladies fame, and that Question? the house band for shonen club for a billion years who need to debut and go forth and rock.

And they are doing the 4th ending theme to Naruto (Mezamero! Yasei).

I don't watch Naruto, I'm not gonna front, but yknow how some anime theme just catch on like whoa. And this one is so out there.

And I'm so addicted to "Midnight Shuffle 08"

I'm also a lot more fond of "LIPS" and "1 pound Gospel" than I'd like to admit. "Lips" more so than the drama. I'm glad to hear KAT-TUN singing something that requires them to sing from their guts a little rather than relying on slow ballads and cheesy narration. I hope this trend continues in their music. *thinks this is their strongest single to date- just barely beating by "YnU" which while being severely awesome has far, far too many "aishiteru"s in it*

Wow, I had a lot more to randomly muse about, but the Matchy sort of ate my brain.

One random thing, but I'm actually genuinely saddened by the passing of Heath Ledger. I liked him a lot as an actor and he was sort of a symbol of some of the best times in my life so seeing him go so unexpectedly was a huge shock. May he rest in piece.

Nope, not dead.

Yeah, I know. I suck at this whole LJ thing, I always forget to do things like I dunno... post entries. I mean to, but then I inevitably get distracted or go off and scribble in my little notebook that I carry with me (cuz I'm a dork like that).

So, what brings me back again? Like my only other "real" entry, its music once again. I adore it and am always ALWAYS searching for new good music to appreciate (and "good" being a broad and vague term on purpose because I am a firm believer that campy/goofy/silly music has its place, as do raw, gritty "I've chained smoked for a thousand years" sort of voices.) As the end of the year drew to a close I found myself in a musical rut, which was pretty unbearble for me. So I signed up for Pandora (an awesome streaming music service that lets you type in a bandname, artist, or song title- plays a song by that artist and then goes on and suggests a new song that have elements in common and you rate the suggestions and hone them in to get stuff you like. Its pretty awesome), and did something that proves how crazy I am about this whole thing. I started looking up some of my favorite artists' musical influences and listening to their stuff.

The fruit of all this unecessary labor? (I'm on winter break atm, so I have time to indulge myself a bit) I've now officially started that mandatory "I <3 The Beatles" stage that afflict many college students. They have their own folder on my mp3 player and brownie points for writing the song that Haruki Murakami named "Norweigan Wood" after. I don't care what anyone says disco and funk are ridiculously fun genres. George Clinton/Funkadelic/Parliament= WIN. I mean, its hard not to know "Flashlight" or "Atomic Dog" unless you were living under a rock. And maybe in some respects I have been, since I've only really taken the time to listen to Funkadelic's "Maggot Brain"- (something that should be listened to by anyone that appreciates electric guitars-its INSANE).

As I'm writing this, I find myself getting more and more distracted so I think I might just wrap it up here.

And I'm over a week late, but happy 08 everybody!